“I embarked on this years New Years Resolution and signed up for my first ever yoga course. I pulled myself into my lycra leggings….and waited for the moment of truth. It’s not about getting your ankles behind your ears, as I imagined before I went. The kind of yoga Tim teaches is more about overall body strength and flexibility. With the sound of your own deep in out breathing, and the teacher’s calm instruction….Tim encourages novices not to push too far. Because you are focusing on breathing, rather than dwelling on all those problems in the outside world, you get the benefits of meditation as well as exercise. And instead of feeling totally knackered – like I do after an aerobics class – I feel completely energised. My stiff back and inflexible muscles are starting to feel the benefits after just 6 weeks”

Nottingham Evening Post

I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect at first. I’ve had a bad back and am a bit overweight, and felt quite self-conscious. However, Tim was very calm, supportive and helpful. He is an exceptional teacher, clearly very knowledgeable, but explained everything so clearly & simply for a newbie like me. Thank you so much!”

Heather — Yoga Student

“Coming to The Yoga Place has been such a refuge in my hectic life. I feel so calm, balanced emotionally and fitter than have felt in years”.

Kate — Yoga Student

“You are a true master – I bow to you”

Swami Nityamuktananda

“One of the top places to study yoga in the UK”

Red Magazine

“Beautiful space with expert teacher, simply the best yoga centre I have ever attended.”

Angela - yoga student & qualified yoga teacher

“The Yoga place, Nottingham. Awarded a place in the Top 30 yoga studios in the UK. The highest rated in the whole of the East Midlands.”


“My fiancé and I recently signed up to a 6 week beginner yoga class with Tim and what an excellent decision it was! I really looked forward to our classes each week and Tim clearly knows his stuff. He was friendly, welcoming and accommodating – if you were unable to make your usual class he would try his best to find you another class you could make. I would recommend The Yoga Place to anyone and will be booking again!”

Abbey - yoga student

“A great space to practice yoga in a calming and supportive environment. Tim is such a patient and encouraging teacher and I already feel improvement in my movement and breath after just 12 weeks. The intro to yoga course is really great at breaking down the poses and I would highly recommend for anyone who is apprehensive to start yoga or who is unsatisfied with the sometimes rushed nature of gym yoga classes. I look forward to continuing in the new year!”

Laura - yoga student

“Tim is an awesome Yoga teacher and a true master of his art. I absolutely love the flow and style of Parivartan Yoga and will be a regular at the Yoga Place for years to come! Fully recommend”

Steve - yoga student 

“An amazing place to discover and practice yoga. Tim is a great and patient teacher that guides you through learning process. Each session is very well structured. I could feel the benefits already after first class. I highly recommend The Yoga Place if you want to start your yoga adventure or keep training”.

Marta - yoga student