Holistic Martial Arts

Hapkido – Holistic fitness for body, mind & spirit

What is Hapkido?

A traditional Korean martial art, emphasising holistic training for body, mind & spirit.

It is based on the principles of water & harmony. This encourages students to flow with an opponent’s force, redirecting the attack, rather than meeting it head-on.

This focus on technique and skill makes this art suitable for all, irrespective of size, strength or age.

Our classes are ideal for complete beginners, supportive and noncompetitive.

You will learn practical self defence skills, hand in hand with the traditional techniques of mind-focus, self discipline, and emotional balance.

What are the benefits?

  • Teaches practical self-defence skills
  • Develops respect and courtesy for others
  • Builds discipline and focus
  • Improves physical fitness – cardio, core strength and flexibility

Classes include:

  • The Water principle – redirecting an attackers force
  • Escapes & Releases from grabs and holds
  • Joint Locks & Throws to control an opponent while using minimum force
  • The dynamic kicking techniques that Hapkido is famous for
  • Korean Animal Movements – developed by Buddhist Monks to promote health & wellbeing
  • Ki breathing – cultivating & circulating internal life-energies
  • Meditation to calm and focus the mind


Class times: Tuesdays 6.15-7.30pm / Thursdays 7.45-9pm / Fridays 11.15am-12.30

Beginners are very welcome in all classes.