All Levels

These are flowing classes moving gracefully from pose to pose, in harmony with the breath.

Whilst the classes are dynamic & active, there is a great emphasis on working with sensitivity & awareness.
Working with body, mind and breath, the class will flow through a range of poses and sequences, bringing great benefit on many levels.

Classes will include technical information on the poses, and explain subtleties of the breath and mindfulness work, enabling students to refine and deepen their level of practice.


While it is not a specific introductory course, beginners are very welcome.
We won’t cover the fundamentals step-by-step (as we do in our Introductory Course) but week by week, we will help you to steadily build your understanding of the sequences and principles of the yoga.

Day/time: Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs 6.15pm / Mon & Weds 8pm / Thurs 9.45am