Yoga Classes

Parivartana Yoga

The style of yoga taught at The Yoga Place is Parivartan Yoga. It is a dynamic, flowing form of yoga - you will feel energised and alive, while being deeply relaxed and calm. One of its key aspects is how it adapts to suit the needs of the individual. We will show you different versions of every movement and pose to help you find what’s right for you.


Regular practice:

  • increases flexibility
  • develops core strength
  • focuses the mind and improves concentration
  • rejuvenates mind and body
  • calms and relaxes
  • cultivates and circulates Prana (the vital life-energies)
  • enables us to connect with our innate inner wisdom
Beginners Classes
Specialised programmes to introduce complete beginners to the benefits of yoga practice.


All Levels
Dynamic, flowing style, emphasising breath & mindful awareness. Regular practice increases flexibility, develops core strength, focuses the mind & develops concentration, rejuvenates mind & body, calms & relaxes.
One to One
Personalised tuition in any area of Parivartana Yoga, and remedial yoga for specific health issues.
Yogic Meditation
Calm, relax and focus the mind.
The practical application of yoga philosophy to our lives. One to one sessions.
Workshops and Retreats
Regular workshops on a range of subjects from yoga technique to yoga philosophy. Weekend retreats in the UK, & week retreats in France & Italy.