About Us

Tim Foyster

Since an early age Tim Foyster has dedicated his life to the study of yoga, meditation, Oriental healing & martial arts.

Tim has been practising yoga for over 40 years and teaching Parivartan Yoga for 35 years. He is a Senior Teacher of Parivartan Yoga.

He holds teaching qualifications in three styles of yoga (Parivartana, Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa), and is a Senior Teacher of Parivartana Yoga.


He has designed and taught specialist yoga programmes to meet the needs of various groups. These groups include:

  • Beginner Students
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Children
  • Over 60's
  • Office Workers
  • Professional Athletes
  • People affected by Brain Injuries
  • G.P.'s
  • Pregnant Women
  • Martial Artists


Tim is a specialist in the subject of yoga postures as a means to open the life-energy channels, and uses this knowledge therapeutically with students. He has also designed training courses for yoga teachers to be able to study this knowledge.

Tim has taught in Greece, France, Spain, the USA, and throughout the UK at various Yoga centres. In 1999 he established The Yoga Place, Sherwood as a dedicated yoga centre.

Tim continues to practice and study daily.

In addition to yoga, Tim has a wealth of experience in related mind-body disciplines.

He is a Senior Teacher and certified practitioner of Ji Ap Sul (Korean acupressure massage therapy). Tim is the founder of the School of Korean Healing Arts, based at The Yoga Place, and teaches students from introductory to post-graduate level.

He holds the title of Master in traditional Korean martial arts, and is a black belt grading examiner.

He has also studied anatomy, exercise physiology, and sports nutrition. He is able to draw on this detailed knowledge of Eastern & Western studies, helping guide students to a deeper level of understanding in their yoga practice.

Laura Early

Laura is a qualified Yoga Teacher with over 15yrs experience. As well as teaching classes and 121s at The Yoga Place she has taught in a variety of other settings including leisure centres, gyms, community venues, businesses, and wellbeing events.

Laura has a background in Psychology and over 20yrs experience of working in Health & Social Care supporting a diverse range of people to develop well-being and improve their quality of life. She has worked with people experiencing various physical and mental health issues and has devised accessible classes for organisations such as The Ear Foundation and The Recovery Partnership.

Laura values the adaptability of our yoga and particularly appreciates the emotional and psychological benefits it brings. Her interests lie in the therapeutic aspects, which she understands on a deeper level through studying and practising the Korean Healing Arts. She feels passionate about the holistic nature of our yoga, and the wider impact that practice has on daily life.